Solarpunk: A Positive Future

Solarpunk is a movement that envisions how the future might look if humanity succeeds in solving significant modern problems, with an emphasis on climate change, pollution, and sustainability. Panelists discuss themes and plot elements unique to Solarpunk, story outcomes that work best in this genre, and real-world changes that have emerged from the Solarpunk movement.

The Creepypasta Panel

Creepypasta: the internet evolution of the urban legend. It has risen from nothing to become a mature horror genre over the last decade. What is it, why does it work, and how will it evolve into the future?

Speculative F(r)iction

Smut? In our speculative fiction? Of course! Let’s talk about what’s trendy in speculative erotica and the state of erotica publishing. What are the current awards, and who judges them? How is erotic romance different from erotica, and is the distinction useful for writers or publishers?

Pre/Post Iron Curtain Fiction in Eastern Europe

The fall of the Eastern bloc and Soviet-dominated governments signaled a massive change in the cultural, legal, and economic status of many former Soviet-satellite nations. Now with 30 years of perspective since the fall, how did this affect the themes, topics, and formats of genre fiction, in those nations, on the page and screen?

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