The Seiun Award & Japanese SF today.

This panel of experts will discuss the history of the Seiun Award, the Japanese speculative fiction award for the best science fiction works and achievements of the preceding year, and the state of Japanese speculative fiction today.

Sufi, Arabic, and Italian SF

Three academic talks: Emad El-Din Aysha: Sufi Science Fiction Sufism has been deployed many times in genre works, not least SF. Sufism however is lacking in Arabic and Islamic science fiction. The situation is changing as Arab SF authors, old and young, brave this fledging subgenre. The downside is commercialization and commodification of Sufism and… Continue reading Sufi, Arabic, and Italian SF

Global Feminist Science Fiction

Feminism doesn’t stand still. Nor is there only one feminism. Since the 1970s, science fiction and fantasy have been the genres par excellence to work out new ideas and explore what feminism can be and do. Our panelists discuss how feminism has grown and developed alongside the publishing world of science fiction and fantasy, how… Continue reading Global Feminist Science Fiction

Non-European Vampires

The concept of bloodsucking monster that looks (vaguely) like a person but actually feeds on people isn’t unique to European folklore. Let’s dive into mythology from around the world to explore other conceptions of the vampire and what makes them compelling.

Translation Slam

Many of us enjoy reading speculative fiction in translation, but don’t appreciate the nuanced work that goes into creating it. In this translation slam*, each panelist has translated a piece from its original language into English. They will share their translations with the audience and discuss their decision-making process and the nuances that went into… Continue reading Translation Slam

Envisioning Black Futures

What does it mean to envision Black futures? This panel will discuss Afrofuturism, Africanfuturism, and methods to draw on the mythology and history of the African diaspora to imagine technologically advanced tomorrows and fantastical alternate universes.

Lost (or Gained) in Translation?

Translation is more than simply replacing words. Translators must ensure that the target audience can understand the work, while communicating the author’s voice as closely as possible. Panelists will discuss the creative art of translating and how translation can enhance, detract from, or even recontextualize an original text.

Publishing in Africa

There has been an explosion of interest in African science fiction and fantasy internationally. What is the situation of publishing on the continent? What impact has been had by the internet?  What are the highs and lows—and what may be coming next? Is there a downside to authors finding new audiences outside of Africa?

Round Table on Business Innovation

Science fiction prototyping is a promising way of thinking about future societies in the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) era. SF prototyping creates scenarios using workshops to activate the knowledge of multiple persons in a company, and to discuss how society should be by backcasting from a future image. We welcome distinguished researchers from… Continue reading Round Table on Business Innovation

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